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toddlers group, primary and elementary school

Are you looking for the best possible care for your children?  Do you wish for them to be as loved and happy in school as they are at home? Do you want them to find meaning in what they are learning, master important and useful skills, and get an education that prepares them for life? Do you wish to see them proud when they overcome challenges, joyous about their personal growth, and  maintaining their love for learning? Would you like them to share their achievements with their community and build valuable friendships with their peers? Do you want an education that is a positive experience and a path to self-development for your children? 

We support you vision!

We belong to an international network of Montessori schools. Our well-qualified teachers have been trained by the internationally recognized Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). We know the needs of children, offer them excellent conditions to learn and excel, and care for them with love and understanding. 

Your children will enjoy our Montessori school!


We provide great learning environment!

For parents and babies

We love our babies but no one taught us how to be a good parent. We do what our parents did or learn as we go. Sometimes we doubt ourselves. We will support you in raising your children so that they can truly thrive.

Toddlers group up to three year of age

Our toddlers group is not another daycare. Our loving and qualified teachers, aided by the carefully curated environment, support your children in development and guide them to responsibility, independence and love.

Elementary school

The elementary students are exposed to a rich academic environment and, supported by their teachers and other experts, independently shape and take control over their learning early. Collaboration with others is a key principle, as they work on and present their projects. 

For parent and children from 1,5 - 3 y.

Children are exposed to many stimuli to foster their development. The activities range from simpler to more complex, so the children try and understand them and experience success. They achieve better coordination in thought and action, thus gaining self-confidence and joy. 

Primary school

Children learn quickly and easily, and in their first six years learn more than they will in their next sixty years.  To support their development, we have created a safe learning environment inside and outside the classroom. 

Workshops, seminars and meetings

Your relationship with your children and their optimal development outside school matter to us. Therefore, we cooperate closely with parents and organise seminars for self- development, worshops and meeting groups for inspiration, sharing and support. 

We work together

Since founding Montessori Kampus in 2009, our path and aim have been to create a wonderful developmental environment for children from babies to 15 years of age that will provide them with necessary knowledge and skills, courage and selfconfidence to follow their dreams and become well-rounded and well-adjusted human  beings. Our approach to teaching focuses on fostering and maintaining love for education, and fostering wisdom, kindness, sense for beuaty and responsibility. We lead them so that they learn to control themselves, use their strong qualities and talents, and are able shape their lives to bring them the feeling of personal fullfillment. 

Montessori toddlers groups and primary and elementary school enable us to closely observe how children are using their potential to their physical, mental and emotional growth when they are provided with the developmentally rich environment. We wish to support and foster the children's potential and their creative powers so that they experience happy childhood, balanced adolescence and fullfilling adulthood. 

The education for life begins immediately after birth. Do not wait until kindergarten. Children learn from babies' age! 


Dana Štefková

Our daughter went to montessori toddlers group when she was two years old. She loved it there and she learnt a lot. In many regards she became more independent than her brother. She has been using what she learned there for a long time. We were happy in all regards. The staff is qualified and professional.

Eva Trnková

I have a ten year experience with Montessori Kampus and I can recommend it to all parents. My three daughters went through the toddlers group and primary school; two of them also through the elementary school. 

They gained not only a lot of practical abilities and knowledge, but - more importantly - they acquired valuable skills that they will use their whole life: respect for others, problem solving, understanding and managing emotions, planning and organizing, presenting

- these are only the few out of many skills that Kampus emphasizes and teaches the children.

After the five years of experience in the elementary school I appreciate especially the individual open approach, giving choices, encouragement to use their inner motivation, the method, the consistency, and development of the so necessary soft skills. 

What I appreciate the most is the permanent effort of the head of the school and her team to improve, themselves and the school, and to be the best guides in the lives of children.

Táňa Kadlecová

You approach the children with love and understanding of their capacities. You are building a wonderful environment for them. You are an admirable team!



of experience allowed us to create a place offering unique, higs-quiality education to children from babies to 12 years and maintain warm and productive relationships with each family.



experienced our education, from parent-children workshops to primary or elementary school.



went through our worshops and seminars. We look forward meeting you, as we are preparing new ones. 



take care of your children and of your wellbeing during workshops, seminars and meetings. We love doing what we do (and are great at)! 

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Montessori Kampus 

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