Toddlers group (1,5-3 years)

Children in their most sensitive age need and we give them 

Sensitive care

Toddlers receive the best care from us. They are loved by trained and sensitive adults. Your children's needs are met excellently while you need your time for yourself or work. Loving and safe atmosfphere is our priority. 


The class has little furniture and many interesting activitites. Children can reach everything, work with it and experiment. We help them fulfill their natural curiosity, tendency to touch things, test them, learn and improve their skills.  


Children move in the garden and in the class freely and they try different activities that help them develop their innate potencial and intelligence. We know that movement and manipulation is the key for optimal brain function and success in academics. 


Great toys and kind role models help children to gain rich communication skills one by one. Even though the little ones rather listen in the beginning, we know that they absorb everything in details. Truthful and kind words open the hearts. 


During the first years, children go through a great personality development. Their inner voice guides them to master skills so they become independent. We observe their interests and support them so they have a great start for life. 


The key factor for the development of self-confidence is the opportunity for decision making and experiencing the consequences. Children are given masterable choices so they get used to the fact that they are competent. 


In every way we regard child's dignity. We do not punish them and we do not manipulate them by reward or prise. We give them a kind, consistent and objective feedback of their acts and guide their behavior to a socially acceptable way. 


We have a close professional contact with parents for the best of the child. The guides in the toddler's group complement the education of parents; they can never replace it. That is why we want to talk and share the vision of the child's development.    

Did you look for exactly this?

This is how we help children to be happy and independent 

We support children in gaining independence, coordination of movements and developing communication skills. This all in a carefully prepared environment equipped with great learning aids. 

We help children to become independent in self-care and in the care for their surroundings. They use their senses very constructively and create their first mathematical ideas with clever  sensor-motor toys, 

We help them enrich their vocabulary, ability to think in concepts and awareness of causes and consequences by clear communication in everyday activities, with the help of the language material, games, singing and rhythmization, 

We help them to strenghten their skills to autocorrect and gain healthy self-confidence by repeated demonstrations of various activities and kind feedback.

Children are engaged in practical physical activities such as watering or arranging flowers, sewing, cutting, dressing and undressing, learning to use the toilet, setting the table and serving food, washing the table and dishes, washing laundry, sweeping, wiping, etc. 

These are activities that children see at home and are eager to master them, too. We give children time and appropriate materials so that they can use their desire to learn these skills and master so important working habits. The children gain a positive attitude towards housework and become independent and valuable members of their family and class. 

Other activities help children develop their vocabulary and abilities to sort and classify objects and phenomena. 

We speak clearly and we communicate the necessary instructions slowly so children can be successfull in mutual agreements. 

We do art to give children opportunities to let their artistic feeling free. We do music with different instruments and sing every day.

Outside in the garden, children have trees, shrubs, tiny climbing hills, flower beds where they grow herbs or vegetables, dig in the dirt, build in the sandpit, use a climbing frame and other game elements to develop their gross and fine motor skills.

Do you like our approach?


If you are interest in signing in your child in this toddlers group, fill in the register form and come to see as at the orientation meeting (without children). Registrations are made throughout the year according to free space in the toddlers group.

Maximum: 12 children per 2-3 teachers. 

There are 8 spots available from Sept. 2022

Monthly fee: 5900 CZK for daycare + 90 CZK / a day for food

Monthly fee from 1. 7. 2022: 4000 CZK + 90 CZK / a day for food

Toddlers group Montessori Kampus is in the register of Ministry of work and social affairs (MPSV) so you are appliable for tax credit.

Necessary documents

Basic prerequisite for admission of your child to any toddlers group in Czech Republic is the vaccination according to Czech law.

Daily program and vacation

TG is open for children from 18 months to 3 years, open every working day from 8.00 do 16.00. 

  • 8.00-8.30 arrival
  • 8.00-10.30 practical activites, language, social and motor skills development, singing, snack
  • 10.30-11.30 playing outside
  • 11.30-12.15 lunch
  • 12.15-12.30 departure of half-daycare children 
  • 12.30-14.30 reading, rest
  • 14.30.-15.00 snack
  • 15.00-16.00 playing outside 

There are movement, creative, culinary, English and musical activities during the week.  

Calendar of school activities